5 Ways to Promote Employee Engagement

Employees want to feel that their companies care for them the members of the team as well as individuals. A  positive work environment  encourages  employee engagement  while spurring  productivity  and overall effort.

Here at The Social Coin, we use simple team-building activities to boost morale around the office.

Some simple ways to promote employee engagement include:

1) Celebrating Staff Accomplishments

It is important to pay attention to coworkers’ small accomplishments, both personal and professional. The Social Coin uses the “High-Five Board” to recognize positive contributions from individuals. When an Individual Carries out a thoughtful deed or complete a task, another coworker can commend his or her action with a high-five and a sticky note Placed by the Individual’s name on the “High-Five Board.”

Mind – bending positive actions Helps to boost An individual’s motivation and visibility within the company among his or her peers.

Another alternative to implementing the “High-Five Board” could be to host a monthly or yearly award to commend personal and professional achievement.

2) Team Wellness Goals

An individual’s health is important to that of the organization as a whole. Setting goals, writing them down, and measuring progress can keep people on track to achieving wellness goals. Some examples include exercising more, riding a bike to work, or swapping regular lunches for healthier alternatives.

3) Organizing Regular Activities

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and interact with coworkers in a relaxed environment, while promoting health and wellbeing. The Social Coin recently partnered with Yoga Without Ceiling to organize yoga on the beach. Other group activities could include attending local sporting events like baseball, basketball, or football.

4) Civic Engagement / Corporate Social Responsibility

64% of Millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work.

Giving back to the community can contribute to a company’s positive public image while allowing employees to interact outside the workplace.

Coordinate with a local philanthropic organization to plan group volunteer outings.

5) Encouraging Fun!

Fun activities lower stress levels and serves the bonding activities for personnel. Mini competitions prompt friendly rivalry and camaraderie. Some fun ideas , to spread happiness around the workplace include:

  • Personalizing Office Space: Encourage personal touches and holiday decorations.
  • Guessing Games: Guess the number of items / candy in a jar. Predict who will win popular game shows or big sporting events.
  • Mini Basketball / Office Put-Put Competition
  • Solve the Riddle: Reward the person who solves it first!
  • Photo Caption Competition: Award to the person who comes up with the best caption for a funny picture.
  • Birthday Wall: Celebrate coworkers’ birthdays!
  • Bucket List Board: Ask employees to add items on their bucket list to the board.
  • Daily Fun Fact / Inspiring Quote in Common Areas

Find more fun ways to boost employee engagement here .

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