Be Smart. Be Resilient. Create Change. Smart Cities.

Small changes have the ability to make a big impact: With the implementation of a few key factors within a location, cities throughout the world are capable of earning the title of “Smart City” or “Resilient City.” Do you have what takes?

What is a Smart City?

Imagine the world in which human capital, information and communication technology, and social capital inspires a quality of life that is so great. As a result of an increased sustainable economic environment, cities throughout the world have the ability to make this vision a reality.

Smart City is defined as an urban development vision that integrates both information and communication technology, as well as the Internet of Things technology, in order to manage city assets, while Resilient City has the goal of maintaining its overall identity by developing certain Capacities in order To withhold any unexpected stress to its technical, economic, and social systems. Either way, the city that involves the incorporation of Smart Governance, Smart People, Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart Economy or Smart Environment has the tendency to be labeled “Smart City.”

In order to be considered for the label of “Smart City” on a broad spectrum, there are a few general frameworks which should be taken into consideration. A city must possess a technological framework, occupy a human framework, and incorporate an institutional framework; However, implementation of the overall concept varies immensely depending on each city’s specific objectives, alternatives, and policies.


  • Smart City efficiently uses its physical infrastructure that is provided throughout roads, tunnels, water supply, among other physical assets in order to support development.
  • Smart City engages its people throughout the city in local governance and decisions. By involving locals in major issues, local city intelligence and local participation is more likely to be improved upon.
  • Smart City is capable of responding to given changes within the city limits in a more prompt manner with the implementation of innovation and adaptation.

Forms of City Intelligence Within a Smart City:

  • Orchestration Intelligence: to have an inherent intelligence that is largely the effect of automation or systems deploying elements of control theory
  • Empowerment Intelligence: to influence the benefit of all
  • Instrumentation Intelligence: information derived from electromagnetic emissions associated with the testing and operational deployment of foreign aerospace, surface, and subsurface systems

Which Cities Are Considered the Smartest?

The first city to be labeled “Smart City” was Singapore, as it has been working on the implementation of sensors and cameras in order to detect cleanliness throughout the city. By investing in this type of technology that detects unwanted litter and unauthorized smoking in given regions, Singapore’s data analytics is able to suggest certain governmental plans for the city to partake in and get the local citizens involved.

Additionally, Barcelona has made a substantial use of sensors throughout the city to manage traffic throughout the city’s streets.

Not only has Barcelona implemented smart-city technology for the purpose of reducing traffic flow, but Barcelona has also invested in sensors, smart streetlights, and smart parking technology, to monitor the noise throughout and the quality of the air.

Also, prior to the execution of technological advances, there was a period of time in which Barcelona had run out of water, so it was necessary for the city to develop and to invest in a sensor system that managed irrigation.

Furthermore, with London possessing a title of one of the major tech hubs in the world, the city has begun to implement information technology to help lessen the congestion on the roads and make parking more simple throughout the city. Beginning with the creation of a phone application, one can be told which routes are less congested and as a result, automobile emissions are reduced immensely. Traffic lights have also started to sensor busses and their routes in order to smooth the progression of public transport.

Follow Up…

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