Citibeats unveiling at the Smart City Expo 2017

The Smart City Expo World Congress is the leading event for the smart city industry. As the world’s population is constantly growing in size the need to urbanize grows. This growth will lead to new challenges and this event is a gathering of over 50 pavilions from across the world who are dedicated to keeping up with the world’s progression.


We will be attending this year’s SCEWC on November 14-16 and unveiling our latest project, Citibeats . Citibeats was born out of a Responsive City Project with the intentions to improve cities based on the needs of the people. We have created our proprietary machine-learning algorithm that transforms the community’s natural language into valuable intelligence that identifies and categorizes social trends as empowering decision makers. With our solution city leaders can identify people’s concerns about different topics from health and well being to education and have this information displayed in a simple format.


Thanks to Citibeats, governments are able to better listen, understand and connect with the people and create the change the people say their city needs. This will empower both governments and the people in a whole new way. Our technology has been awarded and recognized by the World Sustainability Awards (United Nations), European Union, MIT Media Labs, Singularity University and NTT Data. Now we are selecting 30 cities to pilot this award winning project in their city!

citibeats flyer

Fill out the form  (Spanish version here )  for a chance to schedule a meeting with us to be one of these cities. You can also discover, in person, our case studies with different cities and institutions around the world, from Japan to Guatemala, Barcelona and NY by scheduling a meeting during this year’s SCEWC! If you are attending This Year’s event contact us to schedule your appointment and find out more about how you can Implement our system in your city!


Find out more about where we will be during the event here !


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