Citybeats & Social Coin, Global Champions at the World Summit Award

From left to right above: Gabriel Lim, Second Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information of Singapore; H.E. Ahmad Alhendawi, United Nations Secreatry General’s Envoy on Youth; Ivan Caballero, CEO of The Social Coin y Peter A. Bruck, Conference Chair and WSA Chairman


During late November of 2015, we received a SME Instrument of one million euros from the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission for developing Citybeats. This June our CEO Ivan flew to Singapore in order to receive an award from the United Nations, which recognized it as the most innovative project in the inclusion and global empowerment section.

June 29th to July 1st – World Summit Award – Social Innovation Congress, where Citybeats competed with the other three awarded projects for establishing itself as the Global Champion.

“After three years promoting positive action in the society, we have the resources, the knowledge and technology for developing an operative system for the cities based on the common good. It’s going to become the standard platform for civic engagement” states Ivan Caballero, CEO of Social Coin and driving force of Citybeats.

Later this year we are going to launch the first pilot in three cities simultaneously, in order to be able to test the artificial knowledge that we are developing. Nowadays we are having conversations with various European cities and from the United States but we are open to new city requests that want to become more transparent, collaborative, and with a bigger implication from part of its citizens.

In 2017, Citybeats will be launched also in a company, a university, and a fourth city, in order to be able to use it on smaller communities with more specific needs, how companies are, which can have workers in various places and headquarters working on the same project.

How does Citybeats work?

This platform will work on three phases:

1st phase. Big Data collection: In a first phase, Citybeats collects tones of data from different sources as News, Social Networks, Sensors and Civic platforms.

2nd phase. Real Time Dashboard: In a second phase, it will be able to show at a real time dashboard through big data, the problems that a given space faces. We manage this information through Natural Language Processing in order to create a real time dashboard that Citizens, Governments, Companies and NGO’s can use to detect the issues of their cities.

3rd Challenges: Once the problems are detected, artificial intelligence will propose various solutions, based on actions realized with anteriority and the impact ratio on each problem. The citizens will be able to decide if they act or not and which possible actions can be carried out in order to solve the questioned problem.

4th phase. Reward: The platform offers cities a way in which citizens can be awarded if they solve a city problem. It could be an economic award for the community, a discount, or just a public recognition.

Citybeats will start working at the end of 2016. Its mission is to create more transparent cities and bring back leadership to the citizen, in order to face the challenges of their communities.

The Social Coin is a platform that encourages good deeds as the motor of a change in society. Citybeats is just an evolution of the first idea that emerged when Ivan Caballero, with a group of students, decided to start doing small favors to unknown people in order to be able to check the connection between the kindness and happiness.

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