Gratitude Chain

Some time ago Olga Sanz contacted us because she wanted to use “Social Coin” in a different way. Those who write on our platform are not who perform the good deeds but the recipient of those deeds, generating chains of appreciation.

Not only that, Olga also told us that she was creating the objects of that appreciation, key rings, pendants and other crafts. We loved the idea, so without any hesitation, we are passing a few of the codes for her pieces which are like our coins, work with a code used to track the stories. As you can see in the picture, Olga writes the codes by hand and gives them to people as a way of thanks. Here you can see the stories that it has generated.

You want to know how it all started? Here is her explanation…

“My name is Olga Sanz, I’m not a doctor or nurse, or social worker, or psychologist … Yet (as many of you reading this post now), when there is an incident with loss of life, I felt I wanted to be close to those who suffered to offer support to those who wish to receive it.

Mi co-worker Isabel and I knew we could not give them back their loved ones, but this did not prevent forces from which we removed and knew we had to do our best version and offer help and be near to those suffered the most.

We travelled to the scene with some of the relatives of the victims. I know many facts and some pictures of the tragedy travelled around the world. Because of this, many others who gave support, remain unacknowledged in the background. I speak of the many residents of the communities close to the disaster who came together to help as one. Everyone turned out to support people who they had never met. Simply they recognized the deep pain and welcomed newcomers in their homes and their hearts … for now and for the future.

I remember perfectly the family, still under shock and passing us through the narrow streets, the doors of the houses were opening as a sign of unity, sympathy, care and support…

When I returned home, the media was flooded with the tragedy: Death, rage, hate, pain, despair, helplessness … But few spoke of the ability of humans to stand together to offer each other support and comfort. Often, my friends ask me about my experiences and I noticed that, by explaining how people came together they were surprised by the limited coverage of the individual acts of kindness and generosity toward other human beings. It was at that point where I saw the good that could be done to give more voice to the individual support that one person gives to another. I speak not only of a great acts but also a needed gesture, silent company, a look, a hug …

I respect all who came to help and wish to celebrate their help and support and to give voice to the gratitude that is felt and invite whoever wants to become aware of it. I designed, first in my mind and then later by my hand, symbolic pieces (key rings …) with the intention of promoting an expression of gratitude to those who help us. These are not pieces to be bought or sold, but given away to show  thanks with an explanation of the kindness, as an act of recognition to the recipient who in turn will pass it on to another who has shown kindness, again with an explanation and so on, starting a nice chain of thanks and appreciation.

After giving some pieces, a key ring went to Silicon Valley, another to Mexico, I wanted to know where the others went. I realized that it would be very motivating to keep track of the journey of each piece and see the impact that a simple act of gratitude  can have. This would be a good way to give voice to these positive actions, see its impact, its route and give a message space to share with the world. To make this possible, and thanks to Social Coin, I have added a code to each the pieces to be able to share the reasons and way-points of each in their travels celebrating kindness and support of one person to another.

Sometimes one is not aware of the magnitude that can come from having been thankful, the benefits resulting to both one’s self and they who helped. This is a good initiative to become aware of it. You can start today by thanking whoever you want, what you want with a little detail and sharing it with the world … “


Stories like Olga’s show us that what we do makes sense. To collaborate with someone who wants to contribute their bit to make this world better is something that is priceless. So, we can only thank Olga for creating these objects of appreciation and inspire others …

 Look at the gratitude that has been written in her chain … 🙂

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