Is gamification of work the solution?

Using game methods to solve the workforce disengagement challenge

We all know the saying ‘Work hard, play harder’ – well what if you were actively encouraged to play at work. That’s what PwC has been suggesting with their idea of gamifying the workplace.

With  67% of the American workforce  not engaged or actively disengaged productivity is suffering badly – something needs to be changed.

The answer: Gamification  

Gamification is simply applying game design to business processes and it has shown to help:


For years, video games have been able to tap into a deeper human channel of motivation that other methods have failed to reach. This is because video games, while accused by parents everywhere of frying their children’s brain cells, actually appeal to intrinsic human motivators like autonomy, mastery, purpose, relatedness, and even discovery that are more effective than external rewards and punishments in encouraging engagement.


Successful game-based design incorporates human emotion— more feeling, thinking and learning components—so as to engage the whole person in a new program. Game elements like sense of progress, rewards along the way, cooperation and competition produce measurable employee passion and enthusiasm in advancing business goals.


When deploying new business technologies, gamification can help transition employees from basic skills to full comprehension of a process in a very short period. Creativity and recognition of human emotion can be used to leverage natural human behaviors and intrinsic motivators to drive employees to want to learn.

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