Smart City Expo Experience!

SCEWC entrance

This years Smart City Expo was full of excitement for all of the companies who attended. The Smart City Expo World Congress is the leading event for the smart city industry. As the world’s population grows in size the need to urbanize increases. This growth will lead to new challenges and all those who attended came prepared to combat this issue. We had our big unveiling of our latest project, Citibeats, and received an amazing response from attendees.

Citibeats is dedicated to improving cities based on the needs of the people. We have created our proprietary algorithm that transforms a community’s natural language data into valuable intelligence that identifies and categorizes social trends empowering decision makers. With our solution city leaders can identify people’s concerns and have this information displayed in a simple format that can be used to make decisions to improve efficiency of projects and initiatives. The SCEWC was a very insightful event and allowed us to leave with a better understanding of how

citibeats stand in the Smart Catalonia pavilion

 to improve our product to make it even more advanced! It was amazing to see companies from around the world coming together with a goal of creating a more advanced and efficient society.

Request a demo and learn more about our product and how you can be one of the lucky cities to pilot this new solution!

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