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Choosing our Superpowers

Defining Social Coin’s corporate values was a crucial task for us. We wanted to really capture those qualities that will push us forward every day and drive us towards our vision. So last year -in the middle of our rebranding process- we got together for a team workshop; a co-creation exercise in a retreat house in which the whole Social Coin team participated sharing their opinions, defining our key values and choosing the right words to describe them.

Superpowers Workshop 

Here’s the outcome! Our three key values, or Superpowers, as we prefer to call them -doesn’t it sound much more inspiring?

We are curious by nature. We listen carefully to the world around us, to discover and understand new societal trends.

We like to act and motivate meaningful action. We aim to create true impact in society.

By better understanding people’s needs, we can connect with others in a more authentic way.

How to measure the progress of our corporate values? Using Citibeats’ AI, of course!

Since last year, there have been many changes and movements in the company. Social Coin is growing fast and there’s lots of new people in the team. Also this year, we launched our latest product Citibeats which uses an Empathetic AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to discover, measure and synthesize the most relevant people’s opinions around specific topics.

Filled with curiosity, we launched an experiment last month to use Citibeats to evaluate the progress of our values, based on the team’s opinions. We wanted to make sure that we are on the right track. Our Empathetic AI has analyzed Social Coin’s team opinions about their work experience and motivations and has distilled the BEATs -the most relevant ones- related to each of our superpowers.

Have a look at the outcome!

Our experiment using Citibeats to measure our corporate values has shown us that we are on the right path and pushes us to go even further 🤘. Don’t you want to try as well?

Raquel Núñez Marketing & PR at Social Coin


Raquel Núñez

Marketing & PR at Social Coin

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